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Popular faqs

With clean hands, use warm water and antibacterial hand soap to clean your tattoo twice daily (in the morning and at night).
Steer clear of bar soaps. Stick to antibacterial or antimicrobial liquid soaps.
Avoid letting others touch your piercing.
If your earring becomes detached, contact us immediately. You can attempt to reinsert it once, but if you can’t, visit us promptly to prevent the piercing from closing.
Regularly check the beads on your piercing to ensure they’re secure.

What Clients Say About US

I had a top notch experience at Village Tattoo! Everyone was very friendly and professional. The piercer showed me exactly where the piercing would be on my earlobes and was very professional. I also got a tattoo. I brought in my own design, it was fairly simple and the tattoo artist made it a perfect tattoo! We discussed placement and orientation and I felt like they really understood how important it was to get it right, it’s permanent after all! It was a really great experience!

Thomas J. Blackwood

Love the whole staff!! You are in good hands whether you are getting a tattoo or piercing. My go-to place for both. They treat you like family and make you feel at ease always. I always ask for Jimmy to get my tattoos and Mushu to get my piercings. Don’t forget to take your ID when doing either. They will ask for it . I would definitely recommend you go if you are thinking of getting either a tattoo or piercing.They aldo have a great selection of jewelry. You won’t regret it!!

Malcolm Edison

I had a tattoo done by Chris and a rook piercing by Dez — I went here with my good friend who had only good things to say about the shop because I was unhappy with the last shop I went to. Not only am I over the moon with the results, but everyone there is wonderful. The customer service by all was excellent, and my piercing is healing very very smoothly. Highly recommend it and will be returning soon.

Alex Graceland

Three of us got tattoos by Jimmy & it was a fantastic experience! The whole shop was so accommodating & Jimmy’s artistry is incredible. My friend also got a nose piercing and had a great experience.

John Edison

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